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W8 Diet Plan Review

w8 diet


The W8 Diet Plan is a low carb and low GI meal replacement diet which is easy and simple to follow and promises guaranteed effective weight loss. W8 is not just another VLCD or very-low-calorie-diet because it offers flexible choices and a list of healthy conventional food selections for better results.


Although there is no real alternative name for this diet, W8 Diet has different variants available such as the RealW8 (Asantae), Weight to Go! Healthier Weight, W8-B-Gone, Paleo Meal Plans and W8 for Life. But the most popular one is the original All About Weight (formerly W8 matters) diet program which is based in the United Kingdom.


The All About Weight diet plan was developed by expert nutritionists and scientists. They developed a wide range of meal replacement packs that are not only tasty but can also provide quick and effective weight loss.

The diet plans are simple. You just have to substitute your meals with their own selection of healthy foods and snacks which they will deliver right at your doorstep. Their different meal plans are as follows:

  • Regular – For those who have no medical conditions or food allergies and just want to lose weight normally.
  • Rapid - For those who want to lose weight quickly.
  • 50/50 – For those who do not like to consume a lot of meal packs.
  • D2 – For those with Type 2 diabetes but would still want to lose weight while managing their condition.
  • New You – For those who have already achieved their weight loss goal and just want to maintain it and stay healthy.

The meal plan burns fats effectively because of the low carb nature of All About Weight food products, combined with the small amount of calories consumed. Because of the scarcity of carbohydrates, the body starts to use the stored fats and the body enters ketosis, a metabolic state where you do not feel the pangs of hunger. It is the same experience that we undergo when we sleep.


Motivation is the key to this diet. Once you follow the diet meal plan of your choice, you will notice the results quickly in just a few weeks. As you see witness the speed of your weight loss, you tend to get more motivated and you feel better about yourself.

If you regain some pounds, you can quickly get back on track with your chosen plan. And when you have achieved your weight goal, it is highly advisable to take on the New You plan to ensure that you are able to maintain your achieved weight.

w8 diet


Because of the variety of meal plans to choose from, you can always find something that can suit your current lifestyle and eating preference. For instance, when you feel you suddenly need more calories in your diet then you can easily switch from say rapid to regular or 50/50 which allows much healthy food choices.

All About Weight food selections are divided into four components:

The Shake Mealpacks

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