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The Progresso Soup Diet Review

progresso soup diet

The Progresso Soup Diet came from a famous contest where participants are challenged to lose weight while eating Progresso soup. The diet plan offers tasty and nutritious soups that are low in calorie and each can of soup contain about 200 calorie with only 40% of fats, which makes the Progresso Soup Diet as the leading soup diet in the dieting world.


This diet plan is also known as:

  • Progresso Diet Plan
  • Progresso Soup Diet


Progresso soup is very easy and quick to serve, dieters are required to add a round of fresh vegetables, fruits or whole grain breads along with every bowl of their soup as their source of lean protein.

The diet plan consists of a light breakfast, salad and Progresso soup for lunch and frozen meal for dinner. 100 calories is consistent for every meal each day plus a little serving of non-fat dairy products.

There are over 300 recipe guide provided for each dieter, aside from the quick to prepare vegetable salad and fresh fruits, there are also some easy to cook meals that can be incorporated for each bowl of Progresso soup.


Dieters can lose as much as 5 lbs per week, or a total of 22,500 calories per month. All the recipes are created by licensed dietitians that’s why they are all guaranteed delicious and nutritious.

All the meals can be prepared in as quickly as 5 to 15 minutes, and all the meals are as good as a restaurant quality tasting meal which the whole family will love. Progresso soup meals are also budgeting friendly, a single person will only spend as low as $1 per serving. Sounds good right? You can lose weight and save money at the same time.

All dieters are left satisfied and energized, starvation and craving will never be a part of their day. The Progresso Soup Diet Plan is clearly a safe and sustainable way to your weight loss goal.

Average exercise is also required at about 30 minutes per day to help you lose an additional ½ lbs of body fat per week. And if you wish to lose more than that, you may add additional minutes in your daily exercise, 1 to 2 hours is ideal.

But if you eat a lot aside from the Progresso soup alone, it will be very difficult for you to lose weight even if you add hours in your daily exercise.

Strictly following the diet meal plans is a must to cover your BMR which means Basal Metabolic Rate. This is the stage where your body adapts your low calorie intake and making your metabolism to function slower.


Progresso soup has more than a dozen of light soups that you can choose from, each serving contains 100 calories, that is why dieters are allowed to eat additional nutritious food as a backup for more energy.

Each can of soup is good for two servings, and the different flavors are;

·         Italian Style

·         Meatball with Penne

·         Chicken Vegetable Rotini

·         Chicken and Vegetable

·         Savory Vegetable Barley

·         Chicken and Herb Dumplings

·         Chicken Noodle

·         Zesty Southwestern Style

·         Beef Pot Roast

·         New England Clam Chowder

·         Zesty Santa Fe

·         Clam Chowder and Pot Roast

And here are the foods that you can add for each of your meals.

BreakfastProgresso Soup Diet Plan

·         Skim Milk (1 cup)

·         Blueberries (1 cup)


·         One serving of Garden Salad


·         1 Banana

·         Non-Fat Yogurt (1 cup)


·         Grilled Chicken Breast

·         Green Beans (1 cup)

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