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Closer Diet Plan Review

This is the most personalized diet program among the entire diet plan program list. This is because the Closer Diet Plan provides a lot of information and resources on how to meet your main goal which is: lose weight. This diet plan also provides a daily meal plan, a shopping list tools, support and professional advice for the participants, and the meals are based on their nutritional needs.


There is no known alternative name for this diet plan.NL_closerdiets_logo


The participants have options if they want to subscribe for the weekly meal recipes via email or get some fitness instructions and exercise equipment as well as dietary supplements to guide them throughout the entire diet program. But just like any other diet plan, the Closer Diet will not be effective if the participants are not strictly following its instructions. A participant will only get the desired results if he practices self discipline.

The diet plan offers satisfying and nutritious meals based on the needs of a participant. The meals are based on how much weight per week a participant wants to lose. The Closer Diet Plan also targets people with busy schedules as long as they are willing to sacrifice a bit and if they are really willing to lose some pound per month.

This diet plan offers 3 healthy meals and 3 healthy snacks per day. The Closer Diet Plan works with your lifestyle and not the opposite. Believe it or not, this diet plan allows you to drink alcohol but understandably with limitations, so worry no more about being left out on a Friday night. You can still enjoy your Jack Daniel’s and beers on weekends.


The Closer Diet plan can make you lose 2 to 3 pounds per week depending on the personalized diet meal recipe you choose. You will truly enjoy this program while you are trying to lose weight because to get a chance to choose the food that you eat from the Closer Diet plan menu. This diet plan will help you lose weight even if you pick meals that consist of your favorite foods. The menus are personalized based on food of your choice and the meals are low in fat to really help you lose few pounds each week. And while participants are on their way to their desired body weight, they can also consult dieters via email. They even have a forum once a week to ask and answer some questions about their progress.


The meals in this diet plan are all high in protein foods, and it serves a lot of vegetables. It also suggests that you eat your food on its natural state to really get the best nutrients and to avoid processed sugar and carbohydrates. The meals also have lean meat, fish, chicken and fruits.

The closer diet plan really offers nutritious and satisfying meals, plus it gives personal support for participants who are struggling to shake off some fats. This diet plan offers a personal touch by giving the participants pointers and online coaching.



This diet plan is best for ladies who want to lose weight or just simply wants to start a healthy lifestyle despite their busy schedule. With the closer diet plan, you can remove those extra pounds while enjoying your favorite food in the menu, plus it also matches whatever your taste preference is. You won’t be deprived of the food that you want to eat, the closer diet plan has carefully chosen all the recipes that are listed on their menu so that participants would truly enjoy their journey towards losing weight.

The results are quick, the closer diet plan promises to help you lose weight and burn those excess and annoying fats. After a month of strictly following the diet plan, you will look and feel better and slimmer.


The Closer Diet plan menus are rich in protein and protein-rich foods are known to give quick results in weight loss. But too much intake of protein can be dangerous and can build up ketones in your body. This can be harmful to your kidney that can lead to other organ failure, so you need to be extra cautious when taking this diet plan. It may not provide the right balance in nutrition Eating-Too-Much-Proteinthat your body requires. There are those who have doubts about this diet and its long term health benefits, despite the fact that the diet can help us avoid some chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, inflammatory conditions and heart disease.

ADVANTAGES OF THE DIET                        

1. It provides personalized menu so that you would continue to enjoy your favorite food

2. It allows you to drink alcohol in moderation

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