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13 Day Diet Plan Review

13 day diet

“Feast or Famine”. Just like Jerome Burne’s diet book, this is the basic principle of the 13 Day Diet plan. In this diet plan, you eat almost nothing on certain days day and eat as much as you want on some days. This diet is supposed to alter your metabolism to help you keep your weight off.

Whether you’re getting ready to wear that amazing swimsuit for the beach season, trying to squeeze into your wedding dress, or preparing for a school reunion, the 13 Day Diet promises to make you lose at least 10 pounds in just 13 days or your money back. This diet is a strict program that can be downloaded online teaching what a dieter must eat in 13 days to lose 10 pounds.


The 13 Day Diet Plan is also known as the:

  • 13 Day Metabolism Diet
  • And is also commonly referred to as the “Hospital Diet”
  • Or the “Danish (Denmark) Diet” Plan.


The 13 Day Diet is meant to help dieters eat foods that burn calories and ¬†fats. This diet is supposed to trigger a certain SIRT gene which they also call the “skinny” gene. This specific gene has been known to block another gene that is linked with fat storage in the body and this will cause the body to use more of its stored fats for energy, thus burning more fats and effectively shedding off unwanted pounds.

Simply put, this type of diet is a Calorie Cycling or Calorie-Shifting diet. When you are alternating low-calorie days with higher ones, you ‘trick’ your body into pushing your metabolism to work at its peak. Though given the right process and state of the body for weight loss, there isn’t a mention or encouragement to exercise in this diet plan, which is what could really make such diet fads to work.


The 13 Day Diet Plan claims to help dieters lose between ten to twenty pounds. The duration  usually lasts for only 13 days, as the title implies, to reach the guaranteed minimum weight loss of 10 pounds. Although you may opt to extend the dieting days depending on how much weight you want to lose. However, studies show that the rate of a healthy and sustainable weight loss is one to two lbs. per week only. That means burning between 500 to 1000 calories in excess of you eat up each day.

This diet is quite strict, and the daily menu plan must be followed exactly, because any discrepancy will put you off the trail and the diet should be stopped for months before you can resume again. A proponent of this diet plan that is worth mentioning is that the boost effect in your metabolism that your body will learn to adapt will carry over for up to 2 years, regardless how you’ll decide to eat after the you have completed the diet.


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